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1997 TapLine - Fraze Pavillion

2003 TapLine - Town Hall



Milea was born and raised in Centerville, Ohio. At age five started her dance training with Kelli Snyder through the Washington Township Recreation Center program. Twelve consecutive years in this program provided Basic Skills, Tap, Jazz Combo, Advanced Tap and beyond.

She attended tap classes in Dayton with “Rhythm in Shoes”. Her instructors were Nate Cooper and Gina Unverferth. She completed the intermediate class one season and then the advanced class in the following season. These two classes introduced her to different styles of tap and provided skills in improvisation, technique and speed. Milea comments: “Being taught by members of such a respected company was very exciting and insightful”.

Received extensive training in Aerial Silk Dancing performing from the 'Frequent Flyers'. Plus specialized training in the spotting, safety and teaching of Aerial Silk Dance.

Dance Degree through the school of Theater and Arts at Sinclair College in Dayton. Milea earned a Full Scholarship based on her "Performance Ability and Academic Status". Milea's story about her audition provides insight to an artists thoughts and feelings on the stage.

Training from Rhythm in Shoes

Fine Arts Degree in Dance



Director of "Miss Milea's Smile Awhile Dance Studio" in Centerville, Ohio.


Performing varying styles of dance with several local Dance Companies.

Performing highly specialized Aerial Silk Dancing.

Dance Instructor at the Washington Township Recreation Center.

"Miss Milea" currently teaches: Tap, Creative Movement, Technique, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Line Dancing.

Performing unique combinations of country, jazz and tap styles on stage with Jennifer Webb - Country Music Entertainer  and providing choreography for her shows.

Training from the Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Theater




Sandstorm Dance Company 'Electric Tapestry' a journey through time, celebrating life with music and dance; expressing joy, sorrow and hope as they weave through the electric tapestry of life. Milea performs as the 'Weaver'.

Member of "Madame GiGi's Outrageous French CanCan Dancers"

On stage with Jennifer Webb - Country Music Entertainer. Providing choreography for all dance routines with other dancers and groups of children in Jennifer's shows.

Milea was a member of the Washington Township Tapline Ensemble performing at Township and County shows.

The Tapline Ensemble participated for three consecutive years in the “Fraze Pavilion”, Montgomery County Talent Contests winning First and Second Place in their category.

Degree through the Theater and Arts at Sinclair College



Sandstorm Dance Company

"the multi-talented and amazing country, jazz and tap dancer, performs as the ‘Weaver’ in our 'Electric Tapestry' production"

Kelli Snyder, Dance Instructor

“Milea is a very motivated and talented dancer. She picks up new steps and styles with outstanding speed and accuracy. She has excellent memory skills and is flexible with change” … “Always positive and dependable, and a joy to have as a student” … “Milea has gone out of her way to help many times.  She always goes beyond what would be expected - to please others. Milea will excel in any endeavor where she can use her positive personality and creativeness.”

Jennifer Webb, Country Music Entertainer

“Milea is such an energetic and dependable performer. She has a big heart and a very sweet personality.” … “Milea has been scheduled to perform in all of my upcoming Concerts and Shows, as we travel through Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio prompting my “Cloud 10” album.” … “She is self motivated, honest, and a hard worker.”

French CanCan Dancer



Miss Milea - Dance Choreographer, Instructor & Performer

Director of "Miss Milea's Smile Awhile Dance Studio" in Centerville, Ohio

Milea@MissMilea.com  937.231.1985

Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Ballet, Hip-Hop Dance Studio Instructions in Dayton / Centerville Ohio

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